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C5K and C4A Gage Series Patterns with Advanced Sensors Technology

The S5198 (C5K Series) is a miniature rectangular planar rosette strain gage pattern for printed circuit board (PCB) testing, incorporating Advanced Sensors Technology. The S5198 pattern is further supported by pre-attached high-performance Teflon® insulated flexible thin cables, consisting of three twisted wires per grid.

The 060SL, 125SL and 235SL (C4A Series) are high performance linear strain gage sensor patterns incorporating Advanced Sensors Technology. The C4A series further supported by pre-attached high-performance flexible thin cables with 2- or 3-wire configuration.

The Micro-Measurements Advanced Sensors Technology portfolio includes linear, shear and circular strain gages, in individual, half- and full-bridge configurations and in ranges from 350 Ω to 20 kΩ, with added flexibility in mounting options.
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